We’ve published a fair few features on skate-centric photographers, many of which have devoted themselves to the cause, spending the majority of their waking hours snapping all facets of its culture. Hailing from Weeze, Germany, Photographer Robert Christ doesn’t have the luxury of spending hours on end skating around with his cohorts to document their every move. Christ instead divides his 24 hours a day into being a father, working a full-time job, and contributing to the beautifully put together, free non-profit skate magazine Parallel in addition to taking his own pictures.

Christ’s foray into skate photography started back in 2002, where he witnessed for the first time skate photography done live, as opposed to the reference of images already published in skate mags and the like. From a complete beginner to the world of photography, Christ practiced over the years, learning all the tricks of the trade to land where he’s at now: a coveted photographer in his own right. Have a look at a few examples of his work throughout, and follow his Instagram account here.