Have you ever watched a sci-fi flick or a blockbuster super hero movie and wonder what it would be like to have a tricked out bike that looked like it belonged in a post-apocalyptic future? If that’s you, then your fanciful daydreams might actually be closer to reality than you think.

Barbara Concept Motorcycles is a France-based design preparation shop that visualizes and reinterprets bike concepts for bike-brands Yamaha, BMW, and Kawasaki. Each visualization of the different bike brands provides a unique rendering of the futuristic bikes based on manufacturer’s aesthetic. The design shop manages to erode the line between reality and fantasy with a series of retro-futuristic Photoshop renderings of bike that are on the streets now. If two-wheelin’ is your thing and you’re ready for an upgrade like nothing anyone has ever seen before [except in the movies…], then check for Barbara Concept Motorcycles’ sick styles. There clearly is no future without a past.