The Original Ghost In The Shell Will Return To Theaters For A Special Two Day Event

Fans are still giddy with anticipation over the upcoming live-adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, which is set to hit the silver screen in a few months. However for those unfamiliar to Mamoru Oshii’s legendary 1995 anime, you’re in luck. The original Ghost in the Shell will hit cinemas for a special two-day screening on February 7th and 8th, at 110 theaters across the US. For those interested who are wondering if the movie will be subtitled, no need to worry. The subbed version will be exclusively on the 7th and the dubbed version on the 8th. All in all, theres plenty of Ghost to go around. Be sure to check Funimation’s official site to see where the original will be screening. As for Director Rupert Sander’s movie; the live version will feature the likes of Scarlett Johansen, Takeshi Kitano and Michael Pitt, to name a few and will debut on March 31.