As we edge closer to digital dominance over this shared Earth we all live in, with conspiracy theories about the “inevitable” takeover from robots and A.I., one this is for certain: the growth in access to content has definitely sped up a lot of developments the world over. Take fashion for example. While trends use to have an apparent 20 year cycle before returning to our store fronts, that cycle is much much shorter now-a-days. And as such, the amount of trends grow and the length in which we care about them shortens. So with that, one can blink an eye and realize they’re now wearing omg ew old clothes.

For those living in the fine city of Paris, or anyone looking to Paris as a source of streetwear specific fashion inspiration, thanks to i-D Magazine’s France division, we’re now privy to today’s street style sensibilities from the City of Lights. In their streetsnaps-style feature, i-D presents a number of cool kids–the ones spearheading this new generation in street style–complete with a portrait and a quick interview to get to know these well-dressed individuals a little better. Check out a selection of these portraits above to whet your fashion appetite, then head here for the full article.