Global artist collective The Dropout Club Int’l, is back at it this month with a new series of T-Shirts designed by a fresh crop of emerging underground artists. The Club’s overall mission [for those who may not know] is strictly about releasing a limited production run of tees each month that feature work from artists whose aesthetic exists among the fringes of art and design culture. Fans of the Club’s releases are in for something special this month as artists from Australia, Seattle and Los Angeles are tapped to represent the styles that have helped them acquire underground acclaim. Tighten up your stash with a few of these off-the-wall pieces that will surely get your crew to ask where you copped them from. Tees ranging from Richard “French” Sayer’s “Have A Nice Day,” Blake “Bow3ry” Burton’s “Scream,” Matthew Miller’s “Lock Up,” and Noel Boyt’s “Dealer’s Choice,” will surely be worth adding to your collection. Keep in mind the run is highly limited, so be sure to make those moves to secure yours ASAP.