To say Odd Future’s rise to fame was meteoric is somewhat of an understatement. What was once a band of kids literally doing whatever the f*ck they wanted, has since resulted in the musical success of each individual member, a clothing line and their very own festival. To really get a grasp of Tyler, The Creator and the crew’s success, one could look to the Odd Future tumblr, which meticulously documented the gang as they bred their very own sub-culture.

Early shots show Tyler, Earl Sweatshirt and the crew doing what any teenagers would be up to – blazing, skating, playing video games and rapping to backyard beats. Beneath the surface, however, the clips and photos faithfully represent the hopes and anguish often experienced during everyone’s teen years. One could even go further by arguing that a large component of Odd Future’s success stems from the very harnessing of these themes such as anger and depression that haven’t fully been put on display since artists like Nirvana. Well, Tyler fully put this anguish on display in his first mixtape Bastard, and ever since…the world’s been buzzing.

They represent a special pocket of the youth psyche that is now being celebrated around the world.

Since then, Tyler has gone on to release four successful albums, has toured with A-list celebs from A$AP Rocky and Kanye West, while keeping things family-orientated by having Earl, Taco, Frank, Syd, Left Brain and Jasper alongside, thus building his Golf Wang empire. Though the group is now defunct when it comes to Odd Future as a musical venture, each individual member is killing it in their respective field.


From the soulful sounds of Frank Ocean, to Syd and Matt Martians bringing harmonic beats with The Internet; Odd Future is much more than a bunch of kids fucking around and making music. They represent a special pocket of the youth psyche that is now being celebrated around the world. For more information regarding everything Golf Wang, keep to date with their tumblr and check out our coverage of the recent Camp Flog Gnaw Festival in Los Angeles.