We’re always fans whenever we see a subcultural entity put out something creative based on the niche they’re associated with. While that should sound obvious enough as an effort, it’s not as common as you would think, especially when it’s done right. For Japan-based label F-LAGSTUF-F‘s latest visual offering, we can safely say that they’ve done it right, as they’ve blended an artistic approach to the street aesthetics of Tokyo city–what’s not to like about that. The five-minute short serves up a good dose of skate/streetwear styles with added effects that makes the allure of hitting up the major city all the more potent.


The apparel range you’ll see dotted throughout the lo-fi hand-held visuals and the fitting rock soundtrack comes from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection, highlighted by the many local landmarks the crew hit up under the night’s sky. While there’s definitely tricks involved, the effort is more about the marriage of skate, fashion and artistic creativity, which puts this aside from your typical skate bit, or fashion editorial video. Check out the short film in the jump above, then make sure you head over to F-LAGSTUF-F’s official website here to look about copping the pieces for yourself.