Slovenia-based photographer Luke Paige has started the new year strong, having already amassed a series of greyscale images that captures the essence of what makes the sports of skate and surf so captivating. The artful images are all part of the creative’s latest album, and brings out the best of both mother nature’s sea and manmade architecture as the backdrop to subtle notes of either sports. Known to have passion for both, it’s easy to see how Paige is able to see angles to skating and surfing that others may not see or take for granted.

Without needing to focus on the technicality of either activity, the images represent a more poetic take on the boardsports, with abstract and wide shot additions favored over tricks and skill shots—a signature of the photographer who we’ve featured before for the very same reasons. Have a look through the inspirational album in the jump above, and head here for more on Luke Paige.