Let’s be honest, we all watch porn for the music–if you say otherwise, you’re only kidding yourself. While there are many other “distractions” going on during the art of erotic cinema, the soundtrack to these films is one that helps keep the mood… up. But all jokes aside, while it’s easy to scoff at all the elements that make up porno movies, there’s much of the porn industry that takes itself very seriously, especially when it comes to musical arrangements–why would you not take that seriously.

Thanks to beatmaker and producer Drixxxe, we’re now able to enjoy the very best of erotic movie soundtracks, specifically from the yesteryears, all selected and compiled together under a cohesive, steamy playlist dubbed Sextape. While Drixxxe has been doing this for a minute now, with three earlier editions already out, here we present his fourth playlist that continues the musicians efforts in evoking the “right” mood from us all. Enjoy the Sextape 4 above, just make sure to listen to this with your significant other, as it’ll make for Michael Scott style awkwardness if you start playing this out loud in the work place. Unless you work in the porn industry, in which case carry on.