Sevda Alizadeh, better known by her stage name Sevdaliza, is one of those rare artists that has managed to stay in her own unique lane within today’s musical landscape ripe with trends and industry strings. While she’s yet to release a full-length project, the Iranian-Dutch singer/songwriter has already garnered much attention and a steady stream of fans (us very much included) from her beautifully haunting and excitingly eccentric sound. Take her latest offering “Hubris,” for example, a classically constructed piano-laced number mixed in with electronic hits and with Sevda’s alluring vocals laid on top like a soft veil.

sevdaliza-hubris-ison (1 of 1)

The beauty and power felt in “Hubris” is not dissimilar to the other tracks she’s released in the past (of which we’ve covered here at Unrated), yet each come with their own distinct charm, which leads us to believe that her upcoming debut album ISON–which she has just announced–will be nothing short of a consistent yet refreshingly diverse masterpiece. The album news came by way of its official artwork as seen above, which features a handmade head sculpture of Sevdaliza, constructed by sculptor Sarah Sitkin. The concept behind the piece, as explained to VICE’s Creators platform, revolves around Motherhood–a recurring theme with Sev. As explained by Sitkin, “The idea is based around Sevdaliza being the mother to herself and her past lives. It carries her vulnerability stoically. Her features distorted, some omitted, some emphasized. A new form is repeated through her 16 children (number of songs) surrounding her.” Enjoy “Hubris” above, and keep an ear out for updates on ISON’s release to come.