One of our favorite film directors and editors Sebastien Zanella has just hit us up with his latest visual effort dubbed DESIERTO. If you recognize his name, you’ll know him (and from what we’ve recently been putting out) from his stunningly captivating presentation of the art of surfing–EUNOIA and SABLE NOIR to be specific. Jumping out of the ocean and on to the sun-kissed land of the Tabernas Desert in Spain, DESIERTO looks at a completely different sport: Motorcross.


But while all components that make up biking couldn’t be further from the simplicity of a surf board, Zanella somehow manages to bring out that magic and makes the video just as enrapturing as his other works. Directed, filmed and edited by the talented creative, DESIERTO plays with the elements of the desert, juxtaposed with the brut and bold power of the Scrambler Ducati. Complete with Zanella’s signature slow-motion shots and insanely beautiful framing, DESIERTO should be another proud one for him to add to his book. Check out the new video short in the jump above, and make sure you check out Sebastien Zanella’s other works here, as well as follow him on Instagram here.