As if Art and Surf individually weren’t captivating enough alone, we’ve got a video that blends both, and it’s very much a best of both worlds type of thing. Desillusion’s SABLE NOIR, which is directed by one of our favorite surf directors (and photographer) Sebastien Zanella, is a monochromatic “concept film” that’s visually mesmerizing. A cascade of patterns and obscurities that seamlessly roll into scenes of pristine surfing by Jack Freestone.


The video itself was made as a collaboration capsule project by both Desillusion Magazine and Billabong, and is just another example at how the former platform is killing it with its offerings of alternative surf visuals—if you haven’t watched EUNOIA yet, then do yourself the favor of doing so now. While SABLE NOIR can be viewed as a work of art in its own right, it’s also a platform that showcases the collaboration’s special edition apparel collection, which you can check out here.