Public Art has the power to breathe life into buildings and structures that we often overlook. By adding an additional element, artists like Bill FitzGibbons add a new perspective to the structures we’ve become conditioned to take for granted. Having received his BFA in Art History from the University of Tennessee and an MFA in Sculpture and Multi Media from Washington University in St. Louis, Bill has been renewing our outtake on our physical spaces since the late ’70s.

Bill’s work has been commissioned all around the world and his client list includes the likes of The Boston Globe and Art in America, to name a few. Although his style varies, Bill’s most characteristic element is his use of LED lights. In where he, the artist, positions and controls these lights in a dreamlike harmony against the backdrop of museums, overpasses and is even displayed at San Antonio’s historic Alamo landmark.


Recent projects include a lightscape he compiled along a light rail in Birmingham, Alabama. The light rail is transformed to look like a portal to another dimension. If only Bill could work on all our urban areas, I think the daily commute in our congested cities would be a hell of a lot more pleasant. For a full look into the artist’s work, please visit his website.