There are four middle fingers shared between the LA-based, New Jersey-bred punk duo Ho99o9, and in their latest visual installment in support of their upcoming debut album United States of Horror, they are throwing all four of them in the face of America’s exploitative media industry. In “City Rejects,” their second in a trilogy of videos from the album, OGM and Eaddy unleash a maelstrom of riffs and scathing vocals aiming their displeasure with the media’s perpetual distortion of the image of black people and race relations in the U.S.

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They have a distinct outlook on the shit that’s been happening in this country and their understanding of what is playing out in the media industry is not beyond their grasp at all. As the duo explains in detail, “the world is cruel, ruthless, a fucked up place for humanity. If the video for ‘United States of Horror’ was our State of the Union address, in part two, ‘City Rejects’ points the middle finger at some of the reasons why things are so fucked up: how the media depicts stereotypes, blacks vs. whites, mankind’s ongoing starring roll as the ultimate meat-puppet, and a slave for clickbait. The perpetuation of the most fucked-up shit possible to ensure those pre-roll ads ship! The idea here is to appropriate the aspects of hate-culture and turn it back on itself, bon appétit from the devil’s plate.”

Check for their insane live set soon. They’re bringing the horror to you starting in May. Peep the dates here.