Petra Collins is known for her incredibly dream-like, soft pastel photography work, often focused on the mindset of a women and how the world revolves accordingly. Although she’s officially noted herself down as an artist and curator–of which she very much is–it is her photography work that has captured the attention of a plethora of respected brands, titles and individuals such as GUCCI, Nordstrom, Tinashe, adidas, Levi’s, Opening Ceremony, Calvin Klein, COS, Vans… the list goes on, all of which look for the coveted photographer’s knack in producing incredibly soft-toned results that resound in femininity.


Having just wrapped up a project with GUCCI that looks at her Hungarian heritage, Collins continues her personal exploration with her latest series entitled Pacifier, which brings the talent back to her birthplace of Toronto, Canada, offering an intimate look at her personal journey through family and friends. The series presents portraits and detail shots of her family members, from her frequently mused sister Anna, to the scars on her father, all under her signature dream-like veil. All image will be on display at her upcoming exhibition held at CONTACT gallery in Toronto, so if you’re in the city, be sure to stop by between April 29 and June 23.