There’s a common thread shared among the great photographers that scour the globe looking for subject matter that will pique our visual senses: the ability to identify character. Alice Hawkins is one such photographer who has honed her ability to discover those distinct qualities in her subjects that make for engrossing fashion portraiture.

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Hawkins has traveled the world for the past 12 years documenting people in their natural surroundings, bringing forth a series of visuals that elegantly capture their individual style, cultural environments and high-end fashion sensibilities. The results of her documented travels is an upcoming book entitled, Alice’s Adventures, published by Thames and Hudson. Peep the above gallery of some of her images from her latest book and then head over to Huck Magazine for writer Biju Belinky’s recent interview with Alice about her extensive traipse around the globe, her ongoing inspirations and the unexpected beauty she discovered during her travels.

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