Photo Exhibition Draws Inspiration From Larry Clark’s Film “Kids”

Larry Clark’s infamous film Kids will be referenced for years to come as the one film to aptly capture the rebellious spirit of NYC teenagers coming-of-age in the mid-1990s. On March 11th, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago [MCA] unveiled their latest photography exhibit entitled Eternal Youth which pays direct homage to Clark’s unnerving seminal film released in 1995. The images featured in this exhibition look to expound on the unbridled sexual and angst-laden energy that defined the youth of the 1990s.

Using Clark’s film as a direct reference point, this show deftly curates images from both film and digital photography that depict the wave of liberation and sexual discovery that encapsulated the youth of that era. Images from renowned photographers such as Wolfgang Tillmans and Herb Ritts will hang alongside newer artistic talents such as John Neff and Paul Heyer. These images will not cease to push the viewers to their edge and spare nothing when it comes to igniting conversations for quite some time. Eternal Youth will be on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago from March 11th through July 23, 2017.