“It’s true to say that I ‘design’ the company, not just the clothes. Creation does not end with the clothes.” These are the wise words of COMME des GARÇONS’ iconic founder and designer Rei Kawakubo. Anyone familiar with the brand will know that from its inception in Paris back in the ’80s, the fashion house has pushed the boundary forged by blending both fashion and art in ways that have made it one of the most respected fashion imprints of our time.

As Kawakubo states, the label’s creative extends far beyond just the clothes themselves–of which it can still be proud of doing–but also in practically all elements that makes COMME des GARÇONS what it is, from its branding, to its store layouts, to the very curation of creative people it brings on board to collaborate with. This can perhaps be seen best through the label’s many notable ad campaigns that can easily sit as artistic pieces in their own right. From names like prolific photographers Ken Ohara and Cindy Sherman, to Dutch golden age painter Abraham Mignon, COMME has served up years worth of artistic visuals to help market their artistic products. Thanks to our good friends at Hunger TV, we’re able to share their list of their favorites that we couldn’t agree more on. Peep the selection throughout.

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