With many of you still reeling from the recently-passed Coachella weekend–either from that continued hangover from hell, from post-festival blues, or simply from miss the wonderful creativity that the festival had to offer (obviously that last one)–here’s a little something that will help relive, if but for a moment, those times of wonderment at Coachella’s vibrant landscape. Anyone that had passed through the ground’s Poster Shop, would have noticed LA-based artist Steven Harrington hard at work setting up his latest feat: an epic 40-foot-long mural that captures the spirit of the festival itself.


The artwork showcases Harrington’s signature style customized into lettering that spells out “Coachella,” complete with palm trees, sunglasses and a desert snake for good measure. Just as playful as the event itself, the piece serves to both remind people where they’re at, as well as offer a brilliant visual spectacle to the aforementioned landscape. In conjunction with the mural, Harrington has created a limited number of exclusive 7-color, signed and numbered screen prints that were sold at the Poster Shop, which you can check out above, followed by process shots of the mural itself. Check them out throghout then head here for more from Steven Harrington.