It’s always legit to see photographs of cities from the perspective of skaters and skate photographers. More often than not we’ll be exposed to the grittier, underbelly or obscure natural beauty that inevitably gets overshadowed by urban industrialization. Photographer Rafael Gonzalez dropped a visual gem on us with his travel diary filled with monochromatic images of his traipse through Panama City.

What he presents to us is a series of black & white photos that detail his time patrolling the inner-bowels of the rapidly developing city that has been commonly regarded as the most developed city in Central America. Here, we present photos from his trip, but the true takeaways from his documentation are the words he uses to accompany the images that he captured. He graciously shared his intimate thoughts about the inspiration and adoration he has for Panama City with Huck Magazine. Check out some of his images here and head over to there to digest his recount of his time spent there.