Japanese musicians are constantly pushing the creative fold and drawing inspirations from some of rather off-beat cues. For instance, meet the Otoboke Beaver. They’re an all-girl punk band from Kyoto, Japan whose group name just so happens to be named after Japanese love hotels. This avant garde four-piece band lets it all hang out and uses their musical renditions to throw a middle finger at lame boyfriends, lackluster relationships and sexism. The group is comprised of Accorinrin, Yoyoyoshie, Hiro-chan, and Pop and their aim is to further move the needle for the Japanese feminist punk scene. Their music is part garage punk, part pop, and filled with an anger that’s directly aimed at the patriarchal systems that both overtly and covertly suppress the voices of women.

On March 24th, the band will release their second EP, Love Is Short – a musical outpouring of riveting guitar work, raucous, yet complex musical arrangements and lyrics in both Japanese and English. The band’s members all carry full-time jobs so they rarely take time away from their jobs to perform on the road. However, if your stateside for SXSW this year you can catch them wreaking girl power havoc on stages in Austin, TX. Get familiar with their sound below.