For many of us, when you’ve found a passion, a vocation even, something that you’ve devoted your life to, naturally you’d want to explore every inch of it. Alternatively, you can explore every inch of the world that does it as well. This is exactly what Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel did throughout last year. Armed with a camera and what we can only assume must have been a very large suitcase, Miguel hit the road, traveling across five different continents, capturing personal experiences and captivating street art all along the way. Quite simply put, this is a year in the life of Okuda San Miguel.


The epic trip took the artist across many different cultures and lands, from the harsh terrain of Australia, to the lush island of Tahiti, to the vibrant landscape of Thailand. While predominantly traveling alone, Miguel was joined by a few of his fellow artist friends along the way–Felipe Pantone and Remed to name a few. With art as the focus of the journey, the video showcases many of the exhibitions and public interventions that he put up throughout the year. Check out the video, officially dubbed Colouring the World 2016: A Film by Okuda San Miguel, in the jump above for some seriously art-related wanderlust.