NYC skate legend Harry Jumonji is without doubt one of those characters that if you know him (or so we’ve heard), you’re glad you did. If you didn’t know him personally, then just watching his shit–predominantly skate of course, but always with a slew of hilarious antics–you’ll wish you did. He’s a staple within the local NYC skate scene, and a name recognized on the global skate front, and because of that, he now gets his own book that serves as a precursor to an upcoming film–not bad at all. And to sum it all up is the title for both projects, the aptly dubbed OG.

The 88-page book is chockfull of photographs, drawings, poems, diary entries, letters and the like, and comes in thanks to independent book/zine publishers Innen Books and contemporary art gallery Moran Bondaroff. And to add street/skate cred to the project, which of course it doesn’t really need, the project has support from skate and lifestyle imprints Supreme and Know Wave. As mentioned, the book will set things up for an upcoming film on Jumonji that will see Erica Hill at the Director’s chair. The book can be had at Moran Bondaroff’s website here. You can also check out a few excerpts of OG the book in the gallery above the jump, then watch the trailer for the upcoming film below that.