For those coming out of NYC, it’s a safe bet that you’ll hear them hark on about how the Big Apple is the greatest city to skate in. Saying that, you’ll hear that from people coming from Los Angeles, London, Tokyo even, but none as fervent as them New Yorkers. Case in point: Jefferson Pang. The Brooklyn-born pro skater has skated many of your most favorite skate brands, from FTC to Elements, to Thunder Trucks and of course Zoo York, where he hit his claim to fame from his feature in the iconic 1997 Zoo York Mixtape video.

Thanks to the Milan, Italy-based skate-centric podcast crew Skate Muzik, we now get to hear Jeff Pang big up NYC some more, and while explaining why New York City is most definitely a skate haven, he also drops a bunch of gems like the time he hung out with the Beastie Boys, his thoughts on Supreme’s influence on the city, and more details on the Zoo York Mixtape experience, including notes on its soundtrack. Have a listen to the podcast above, then reminisce with the full Zoo York Mixtape video below.