The upcoming film adaptation of the cult anime Ghost In The Shell has done a damn good job of romancing the urban sprawl of Hong Kong–and a more general depiction of an Asian cityscape in the future filled with layers and lights. And while the film itself had many scenes actually shot in Hong Kong, there’s many that have yet to visit the tiny island of eight million to fully take in just how intense (and beautiful) the cosmopolitan city is. Thanks to Parisian Photographer and Graphic Designer Marilyn Mugot, we now get a unique peak at what Hong Kong and its neighboring China, Guilin and Chongqing looks like under a Ghost In The Shell-esque light–neon lights to be exact.


In her new photo series dubbed Night Project, the photographer takes us through the urban landscape of the aforementioned locations, showcasing the scale of its cityscape and the intricacies of its layout all under an awesome neon glow. The idea for the project itself started back with Mugot was traveling across the US, where the “luminous design work of Carlo Bernardini, James Clar and James Turrell” sparked inspiration to seek likewise scenery. “Chinese urban landscapes attract me by the play of neon lights and city aesthetics,” Mugot tells Hunger TV in an exclusive interview which you can read here.