Do yourself a solid and mark April 7th, 2017 on your calendar, as that day you will sit down and be awed by a great art film. Magnolia Films is set to release BURDEN, a documentary about one of the world’s most radical, boundary-pushing artists that you may have never heard of. Swiss conceptual artist Chris Burden cemented his name in the annals of art history by performing feats of physicality that will leave your hands over both your mouth and eyes.


Burden is to the 1970s as what Davide Blaine is to the 2000s; he pushes his body and his mind to their limits all in the name of creating art–not magic. He once had himself shot, electrocuted, locked up in a locker for five days and crucified to the back of a Volkswagen bug. And that’s just the begin of his evolution as an artist. Burden found himself expanding his artistic curiosities through creating installations and sculptures, from a self-spinning flywheel, to an antique light installation that was rewired for solar energy and illuminated outside of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art [LACMA]. Director, Timothy Marrinan and Richard Dewey, delve deep into Burden’s wildly eccentric life and work by showing a mix of his ’70s performances, personal videos, audio recordings, candid interviews with Burden’s close associates, coupled with his own intricate thoughts documented over the years. Just to remind you, BURDEN will be available in theaters, On Demand, Amazon Video and on iTunes come April 7th, 2017.