Ig you’ve got the likes of the New York Times calling you “Fashion’s Favorite Girl Skateboarders,” and Vogue Magazine stating you’re “New York’s coolest,” then let’s just say you’re on to something–something very good. This is the case for a group of girls from New York City that started off as a band of sisters enjoying a shared passion for skating, and later became the new face of East Coast skate scene under the collective moniker The Skate Kitchen.

“It’s really cool because the majority of our group are women of color–that goes against the norm–and stupid gender roles.”

It was through the graces of Crystal Moselle–famed for directing the acclaimed Sundance documentary The Wolfpack–who captured the essence behind TSK through Moselle’s short semi-biopic for Mui Mui That One Day, that helped catapult the group into notoriety, where they’re now rubbing shoulders with the fashion world, as well as icons such as Pharrell Williams, who brought them on for his G-Star RAW collaboration. “They’re opinionated, unique, introspective, multi-talented young women that like to speak their minds. And they’re obsessed with anything that has a banana on it,” Williams tells of his experience with the girls.

Now having garnered over 200,000 followers on social, the group are not letting of the steam go to wastes, and are already working with Moselle on a full-length feature, as well as other creative projects such as a skate zine all the while balancing school and regular life, and making sure they have time for the simple pleasures in life: “A typical day for The Skate Kitchen is going out on a good day when mostly everyone is free – chilling, skating, and learning new tricks,” says TSK’s Brenn Lorenzo in an exclusive interview with Dazed Digital. If all this seems right up your alley, check out the members of The Skate Kitchen throughout, add them to your Instagram feed here, and make sure you read through the rest of the interview on Dazed here.