There’s something unexplainably refreshing about the simple creativity behind up-and-coming photographer and stylist Millicient Clough’s photo series, McDonalds Girl Gang. Known for her raw, candid approach to documenting the world around her, Clough has put this heavily themed project together that blends elements of fast food aesthetics with fashion—from the retro silhouettes to McDonald’s color-scheme—and has brought together a gang of “cool girls” to pull it all off.

The concept alone is simple, yet the execution and results are brilliant, and comes off as nonchalant and the shoot probably was itself. The clothes themselves are all the Clough’s own, and the muses are all friends, which goes to show that you don’t really need much save for a camera and some creativity to come up with something inspirational. Check out the images throughout, and make sure you follow Millicient Clough on Instagram here.