Luke Paige has become quite a well known master of the lens, showing that he has full command of chiaroscuro technique by deftly capturing both light and shade in his photography. He recently blessed us with a series of images that provide a grittier look into the concrete jungle that is the west side of Paris. This series is a study on what is often overlooked and gives Paige a deeper understanding of how he himself engages with both space and time. In the essence of properly capturing his surroundings, Paige decided to work alongside Parisian skateboarder Antoine Plainfosse to help add to the varying perspectives that he was bound to capture when traveling across the west side of the city. As Plainfosse does his thing on the board, Paige masterfully photographs him skating across the urbanized environment amid the towering architecture that can -at times – make his subject appear both vulnerable and miniscule. Check out the gallery below.

To learn more about the series and for a deeper look into Paige’s work head over to his site here.