British TV Personality and hip hop OG legend Tim Westwood can very easily be the UK’s version of Nardwuar, given that he comes with a vault full of gems and knowledge dating back to forgotten times–plus they’re both clownish in their own unique way. But while one (the Canadian) flexes with nostalgic memorabilia that he gifts to the artists themselves, Westwood instead serves us the people with material that any fan would scramble over. Take for example his recently dropped, unreleased freestyle from the late-great The Notorious B.I.G., following last week’s anniversary of the rapper’s unfortunate passing (9 March 1997).

The freestyle track also features the likes of Diddy and fellow Bad Boy cohort Craig Mack, and was originally recorded back in 1995 while the three were live at Westwood’s studio, with the second half of the 10-minute audio video switching to when Biggie was in London to promote his sophomore and final studio album Life After Death. The listen is a solid bar after bar effort from the three, but it’s safe to say our attention is focused mostly on Biggie’s legendary talents. The eerie part is if you listen closely, you’ll catch lines from the big guy saying “you’re nobody till somebody kills you.” Have a listen to the full freestyle above, and head here to see more from Tim Westwood TV.