Every once in a while a music video comes around which has you forgetting everything that’s going on around you as you’re fully captivated with what’s going on in the visuals in front of you. Lil Dicky‘s “Pillow Talking” is, at least for us, one such rarity. While the comedic rapper is known for his hilarious take on hip hop, he’s also a fucking great story teller. Couple that with a good 10-minute-long music video that could easily double as a short skit, and you’ve got yourself 10 minutes well worth spending. The visuals accompany the track “Pillow Talking,” which as the title suggests, revolves around a bedroom discussion gone totally awry.

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The vignette kicks off with a steamy number before the seemingly innocent pillow talk starts to ensue between Dicky and his one night stand, played by Taylor Misiak. It doesn’t take long before soldiers, aliens, dinosaurs and pretty much everything under the sun comes barraging through the walls as the two go down a rabbit hole of debates, from war to do aliens exist to not wanting to split a pizza and so, so much more. With guest features from Brain (the presumed character invention by Lil Dicky himself) and John C Reilly as God, “Pillow Talking” is definitely a memorable watch–unless you’re watching it high, which probably makes it better. Either way, enjoy it in the jump above.