The Brilliant British musical talent that is Archy Marshall, better known by his stage name King Krule, is one of those artists that seems to vibrate on a totally different level than most. Having a handful of alias’ under his belt, as well as the integrity to buck the easily-accessible mainstream trends, Krule instead opts for the more refreshingly creative approach to his career. Take for example the recent unveiling of two unreleased tracks. Instead of marketing the shit out of news in hopes to gain heavy traction and attention, he instead tucks them in to an epic NTS radio session with fellow British musicians Dominic Maker and Kai Campos, known collectively as the band Mount Kimbie.


The show is in fact a four-part residency with Mount Kimbie, split between Los Angeles and London, which is a solid listen in itself. But if you’re looking to scroll straight through to that new King Krule, you’ll find it in the second installment, where he first drops “Untitled” (at the 44-minute mark) together with his brother Jack Marshall, followed by “When and Why” (at the 1hr 33-minute mark) under Krule’s other moniker Edgar the Beatmaker. Heads up, the full Mount Kimbie session is a whopping two hour-long listen, but if you’re feeling particularly eclectic today, we recommend giving it a listen through.

Listen to the Mount Kimbie four-part residency on NTS here where you’ll find the King Krule tracks mentioned above.