Vanessa Feder

Junior Editor at Unrated.

Justyna Zdunczyk Captures the Colorful Vastitude of Hong Kong

Polish photographer Justyna Zduńczyk, shares her bold visuals from a recent visit to Hong Kong. Both a wedding photographer and travel blogger, Zduńczyk is certainly not new to capturing the “feel” of things. During her latest trip to the densely populated city, she was able to capture the immensity and vibrancy of southeastern China.


Each photograph offers a repetitive architectural element that is often accentuated by varied color patterns. The extensive amount of windows gives clues as to the amount of people living and working within the buildings, lending itself to exposing overpopulation in the area. The labyrinth-like aesthetic of each flick is not only captivating, but explains the “Hong Kong Puzzles” title given to the photo collection. A few of the pictures include sports courts and playgrounds, adding more arched shapes to the often line-based aesthetic of the buildings. (A sort of contrast, if you will.) What makes the cityscape photos so intense though, is the different angles at which they were shot: sometimes from the bottom-up, straight-on, or from the side. All points of view seem to capture a particular grandness that is associated with the architecture in Hong Kong. The collection of snapshots can be admired below or on Zduńczyk’s travel blog.

Vanessa Feder

Junior Editor at Unrated.