It was pretty much the case of instant attention grabbing when we came across the moody visual of this incredibly curvaceous 1937 Talbot-Lago T150-C SS Coupe. For obvious reasons we were drawn to car, and it obvious still why we would want to share it with you all. I mean, just look at it. Silver and black, curvy, a stunning silhouette, overall minimalistic yet filled with details that we can explore for days… It’s no wonder why we have an affinity for cars from yesteryears, as the old adage goes, “they don’t make them like they used to.”


The design of the Talbot-lago produced SS Coupe pulls direct inspiration from the Art Deco period, evidential in its teardrop shaped fenders and swooping lines. The car itself was magically restored to full concours level back in 2002, after spending much of its time in hibernation in Switzerland. It’s distinctively vivacious body can be traced back to French coachbuilders Figoni et Falaschi, which built “the most elegant and graceful automobile body shapes seen from the 1930s through to the 1950s,” hence our aesthetic appreciation. Enjoy the look of the car for yourself with images of the restored 1937 Talbot-Lago T150-C SS Coupe in the gallery above.