A road-side sign for an Inn, A Nude Ladies banner, a mural of the desert landscape on a wall t a desert landscape; these are just a few examples of typical sites that your American Midwesterner will come across out in the vast country of the ol’ U.S. of A. It’s also something that prolific American Artist and Photographer Daniel Mirer has not taken for granted, but instead has documented for his latest creative project dubbed Indifferent West. For the project, Mirer traverses through the open roads and sparsely populated towns throughout the Midwest states in order to capture snippets of a time before social media or gentrification took over.

His trip represent a journey that many have dreamt about seeing with this side of America; a romantic depiction of your one-horse-town, where life is perfectly simple, and simplistically perfect. While taken out of context, each image showcasing a hand-scribbled sign to passers by, or desolate and sun-scared children’s playground can be overlooked as arbitrary norm, but together, it’s a great exploration of place often forgotten about in this internet-run world. Check out Mirer’s images in above, and head here to see more of his work.