The short video format is more prominent in today’s creative industries than ever before, with a continually growing sea of both videos in itself, and new agencies devoting themselves to creating them—but hey, we’re not complaining! Especially when there are agencies like I MADE A FILM (or I.M.A.F. for short). As we progress down (or up, whichever way) the technological development line, producing digital forms of creativity is becoming much easier. The home video that was once limited to your now retro VHS-style shaky production has now warped into 4K epics complete with awesome slow-motion effects, pristine quality and all the help needed for steadiness of frame.

“In Film We Trust”

All that being said, technology cannot aid in the mental know-how and that creative muscle needed to help you stand out among the aforementioned sea of good content. Stuttgart, Germany-based I.M.A.F. does have that know-how, and we’re seriously digging what they do right now. Their cultural topics of choice range from skateboarding—if you haven’t checked out their Hurdle video on Clement Zannini, a skateboarding with a prosthetic leg that we recently posted, then do so now—to spots, travel, science-fiction and music. Their clients list includes the likes of adidas, Nike, Red Bull, Volcom and Under Armour to name a few.

Another plus point for I.M.A.F. being an agency that you should look to is the fact that they handle the whole picture, from preproduction (networking, drafting, customized workflow, etc), to conceptualization (storytelling and the like), to postproduction (editing, color grading, all the fancy trimmings that makes a video perfect). But let’s have their work speak for itself, so make sure you check out the selection of videos throughout, and check their official website out here.