There’s not much we like more than The Simpsons, especially when it comes to their boundary pushing couch Gag intros. For the widely popular TV show’s latest tease for its Episode 14 of Season 28, you’ll see Homer break the third wall by busting out of The Simpons’ set in search of their “lost” boat painting, revealing the behind-the-scene set up as he embarks on a mini-adventure that has him traversing through neighboring film sets. This includes stages of other popular animations like South Park and The California Raisins, until he ends up in the lonely bedroom of a quintessential The Simpsons mega-fan. The approach of this particular couch gag follows the style of the off-the-wall comedy hit Robot Chicken, of which the gag is named after. Enjoy the video in the jump above to see whether Homer gets back their iconic living room painting or not.