Following the recent unveiling of is Spring/Summer 2017 collection, which we posted about just this passed Thursday, fashion imprint ACRONYM–well known for their unique take on form and function in apparel–have now released the official video lookbook that showcases the range in all its dexterity. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, think of its clothes as what a ninja would wear in the future, or something that would fit right at home in the Ghost in the Shell universe, where movability, practicality, utilitarianism and attention to detail all collide in sleek looking pieces. In fact, a great way to know what we’re talking about is through the aforementioned video.


Featuring brand founder Errolson Hugh, along with his team and even model girlfriend Melody Yoko Reilly, the clothes are put to the text through a series of stunts, from high octane martial arts moves–including high and spinning kicks to captivating moves with a staff and wooden sword–to sudden bouts of alluring dance moves (thanks Melody). Directed by Kiril Kawajiri and dubbed the V27-M video, ACRONYM does yet another spectacular job at putting out some of the most future-ready clothes, as we as visuals that match the branding perfectly. Check out V27-M in the jump above, and then head here for a closer look at the full Spring/Summer 2017 collection.