Graphic Design Festival Paris Dedicates 19 Posters To The World Of Sports

Sport is the most faithful representation of our inherent competitive nature. The history of Sport dates far back to the days of the neanderthal, where we channeled this drive through the act of killing our prey. Our competitive nature then progressed to the arena fighting of the Roman Empire, all the way to what we perceive as sports in the modern day. Now, while we’re not mauling each other anymore—and for good reason—the primitive drive is always there. To illustrate this idea, Graphic Design Festival Paris has released a series of posters that represents this sense of competition, but in a different but nonetheless as important light; an artistic light.

The series, which is curated by French graphic design studios, Stéréo Buro and Frenchfourch, feature posters put together by 19 different designers. Some of the designers include the likes of Chris Harnan of Berlin design house Hort, French Designer Paul Loubet, Hungarian designer Tamás Al, and many more. Many of the posters hearken back to a different emotive attitude of the nature of competition; take Loubet’s work, which is reminiscent of art made by children. Just like the latter, children are also the ones who partake in the games we love not for fame, not for money, but from an indescribable love to compete. The Graphic Design Festival Paris kicked off yesterday, January 11, and will run all the way through the 22 of February.

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