Belgian Photographer Xavier Portela Captures Asian Cities Bathed in a Neon Pink Glow

Kimberly B. Johnson

Xavier Portela is a Belgian-Portuguese filmmaker and photographer based in Brussels, Belgian who has gained momentum for capturing scenes worldwide. His 2015 series Tokyo’s Glow gained the artist noticeable attention however, existing as an expansive series focused on the bustling metropolitan region of Tokyo characteristically bathed in a neon pink light. Within the series, viewers are taken through the city – primarily the neighborhoods of Shibuya and Shinjuku – where they’re exposed to regionally iconic access points such as the Shibuya crossing — the largest crosswalk in the world — Akihabara’s Sega Building and Shinjuku’s famous Robot Restaurant. The photographer has since resurfaced with a new project on the horizon.


Dubbed Glow, the exhibition will be comprised of images which set the Asian cities in a familiar manga-like facade.


Following the success of this series, Portela has announced his first ever exhibition opening in his hometown of Brussels where he will display never before seen images from his Tokyo series, as well as debuting never before seen images of a complimentary neon-bathed series focused on the southeastern China providence of Hong Kong. Dubbed Glow, the exhibition will be comprised of images which set the Asian cities in a familiar manga-like facade, printed directly onto a brushed aluminum plate which acts as a fitting aesthetic to compliment the images’ already electric qualities.


Glow opened this week at Inkut Lab in Brussels, Belgian. If you’re unable to pop into the gallery, you can get a taste of what the photographer has to offer with a peek at some exclusive Hong Kong snaps above. When you’re done, check out other photography news including Hoop Dreams: A Photo Series Of Rudimentary Basketball Hoops In Rural Philippines.

Glow by Xavier Portela
Inkut Lab
13 Avenue Albert 1190 Brussels



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