As if labyrinths weren’t hard enough to navigate through, try doing it in trippy monochrome with lines and shapes flashing all about you, and then do it with the added layer of virtual reality. That pretty much sums up the experimental electronics band The Present’s official music video for “Love With U.” While the equally complex and almost otherworldly sounds of The Presets’s track play its part in the experience, the visuals’ credit goes to Director Jonathan Turner, a talented and incredibly creative force known for his artistically abstract and often computer generated work.


The vignette itself takes you on a first-person journey through the maze–one that resembles something like a secret level from 1997’s GoldenEye 007 game for the Nintendo 64–with splices of abstract scenes emitting even trippier shapes, effects and seemingly random metaphors. The whole video is one dazzling journey through the halls and rooms of either someone’s intense nightmare, or someone else’s artistic LSD adventure. Make your mind up on which way you lean by watching the video for “Love With U” in the jump above, then make sure you head over to Jonathan Turner’s official website here for more of his amazing work.