Road trips are great. Epic road trips that span 10,000 miles and over 19 countries are something else. This is what young Yorkshire-based photographer James Parker and two other friends did last summer, and he has the images to show for it. The purpose: a simple desire to seek adventure. “I wanted an adventure: to meet new people and experience new cultures,” Parker explains to Huck Magazine in an article about the epic journey. The trip starts out in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the three young adventurers took a vintage 1972 Morris Minor and headed out for the next 53 days to reach the outer skirts of Russia and into Mongolia.

“This was the first time I had been ‘traveling’–if you can call it that.”

Having studied photography at Edinburgh Napier and Ryerson University in Toronto, it was only natural for Parker to document the trip, which he did over the total of 40 rolls of film for a series dubbed Boys, Bikes and Bucket Hats. What’s even more insane is that this was Parker’s first official ‘trip,’ stating, “This was the first time I had been ‘traveling’–if you can call it that–and it turns out that it’s certainly more challenging than relaxing. Driving 10 hours a day for that long really affects you.”


Never-the-less, the results look incredible, as it showcases the nuances of the open road over such diverse landscapes and the locals from them. Check out a few excerpts from the series throughout, and head here to read the full Huck article.