Follow The B-Boy Explosion Taking Place All Across India

Over the past 30 years, hip hop has grown into a global force that heavily influences all corners of pop culture. The movement, which commenced back in the South Bronx of NYC, contains five key elements: B-Boying, Mcing, Graffiti, Djing and Knowledge. Although much of the modern face of hip hop is on that of music, B-Boying is just as integral to the overall attitude of the culture. With names like ‘Roc Fresh Crew’ and ‘Slumgods,’ the crews carry much of the same pop in their step as any upstart collective would have in NYC.

“Straight human-to-human communication that didn’t exist before.”

Netrapal Singh was infatuated by the hip hop culture of NYC, when suddenly, he and his mother were deported to India back in the Fall of 2001. Singh, or ‘He Ra’ as he likes to be called, continued his love for dancing until 2007 when he stumbled upon an afternoon program in the Dharavi slum where a proper dance-off was taking place. Thus, Tiny Drops, a burgeoning Indian B-Boying community was born. Now throughout the cities of Mumbai, Dehli and Dharavi, kids come to express themselves through the joys of B-Boying, which He Ra describes as a “straight human-to-human communication that didn’t exist before.”

For a country that has over 1.3 billion inhabitants—much of which lives in poverty—the kids of India are utilizing B-Boying as a means for both identity and connection. He Ra and the community over at Tiny Drops plan to take the art of B-Boying into their own by breeding a whole culture in India and around it. Future plans include music, magazines and film production, all of which can be kept up with over at Tiny Drops India.