Hip hop has its storied history of the whole East Coast versus West Coast rift, so whenever an effort comes out that sees both sides come together in harmony, it’s a beautiful thing. Just like this new Snoop Dogg remix of the old Flatbush Zombies song “Still Palm Trees.” Originally featuring on the New York trio’s Better Off Dead mixtape back in 2013 as just “Palm Trees,” members Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice and Erick The Architect have decided to resurface the track with a little bit of that West Coast flare.


And who better to do that than Long Beach’s very own D-O-double-G. The new version also continues with the producing skills of band member Erick The Architect, with album artwork by Phil Annand & Ellington Hammond. With the three Brooklynites and Snoop predominantly rapping about trees–you know the kind–the stand-alone track is a perfect hybrid of both Coast’s flavor, offering a sweet ‘n’ mellow feeling as it carries you through head nodding highs, as well as toe-tapping lows. Enjoy the G-mix of “Still Palm Trees” in the jump above.