We’ve all been there, frustrated from the lack of being able to skate for too long due to wet or frozen conditions, which makes it an obvious choice to simple do nothing and wait it out, right? Wrong. According to Finnish skater Jaakko Saavalainen, all it takes is a bit of elbow grease, a good dose of creativity and a solid helping of motivation, and you can find yourself skating amidst a frozen over landscape in no time.

“The most basic thing that all Finns are told as kids is, ‘Don’t leave things half done,’”

Thanks to Huck magazine, we’re made privy of Saavalainen’s DIY approach, where we see the young skater’s passion for building up his own indoor ramps where you’ll find him skating, often on his own for a good number of weeks on end. “Sometimes I can spend almost a month without anyone to skate with, or even talk to about skating.” But the lone-wolf skating, the effort and time put in to building his own indoor park or the fact that his family wants him to focus on other vocations hasn’t deterred his passion, or skating ability. Without truly known how good he was, Saavalainen nonchalantly entered the national skate championship in Jyväskylä back in 2013, and came out in first place.


Humble and quiete, yet not dissimilar to your average teenager, Saavalainen’s ambitions are a simple one: to surround himself with a collective of likeminded, DIY-passionate skaters. “It would be nice to find a group that I can feel like I belong to, some DIY-minded people that enjoy doing stuff the same way I do, not just necessarily skating.” Check out Huck’s inspiring video on Jaakko Saavalainen in the jump above, and head here to read more from the original feature.