Watching Far Nørth, the artistic short video that’s directed and featured by Australian Professional Bodyboarder Ben Player (alongside Todd Barnes and Ed Saltau), is like watching an imagined visual poem that takes you on an epic journey towards a beautiful death. Fortunately for Player, the ending wasn’t so… abrupt, but the extremist did pay a penalty of needing to be airlifting out of the break by helicopter.

His was name Peter Conroy, and he ordered the air evacuation. If he hadn’t have been there I would have tried to walk out of the location and bled to death.

While the injury aspect isn’t the focus of the video, it certainly heightens its glory, a feat that took Player 5 years to put together. The entire footage was shot on 4K, and is a “Cinematic experience unlike any other. While the above video is but a teaser of the full adventure with an awesome soundtrack by Mickey Smith, it’s still a solid watch. Peep it in the jump above, and head here for more from Ben Player.