Let’s be honest with ourselves: we all miss Xzibit’s Pimp My Ride. But as we try to get over out depressed pining for the days where television was great, here’s a little something that might help. Thanks to video network Great Big Story, we’re made privy to the bright and wonderful sub-culture in Japan that sees regular cargo trucks pimped the fuck out into an awesome display of neon lights and colors, which the locals call “Dekotora.”


While the trucks are a spectacle in their own right, the purpose of Dekotora isn’t just to flex your pimped out ride, or for any monetary gain, but rather a practice rooted in spirituality–an art of precise decorating that takes years to complete. Aptly titled Long Haul Disco, the 3-minute video starts off with highlighting truck driver/owner and Dekotora master Junichi Tajima, before introducing his peers as an insightful look at how and why these men mod their trucks in such a vibrant way. Enjoy the short doc in the jump above.