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Exhibition ‘Midnight Mass’ Goes Deep Into Global Nightlife Culture

Opening tomorrow in NYC for one showing only at Brooklyn’s BLAM Gallery is Midnight Mass – an exhibition that serves as a deep dive into legendary nightlife culture as captured by three famed artists: illustrator Felix Scheinberger and photographers Vincent Rosenblatt and Frank Rispoli. The exhibition will also play host to other creative talents and their creations which will be featured alongside the three artists.

On the opening night of March 24th only, visitors of the gallery will also be met with multi-sensory experience produced by Here & Now Productions, featuring work from filmmakers, perfumers and light artists, who lend their interpretations of what underground club culture is through their own unique creative renderings. This exhibition touches upon global nightlife as the work from Scheinberger, Rosenblatt and Rispoli will display images from Berlin, Brazil and NYC respectively. Curated by Nina Catalanotto, the exhilarating images and artwork of these three artisans will show until April 9th.


This display of never-seen-before images and illustrations capture the salacious, seedy nightlife of Berlin’s uber-exclusive Berghain and Kit Kat Club, the raucous energy of Brazil’s Bailes Funk parties, and NYC’s debaucherous party era of the ’70s and ’80s that most have come to associate with Studio 54 and Andy Warhol’s Factory. If you’re in NYC and have a taste for the underground, hit the BLAM Gallery for a rare exhibition experience that will excite the senses.