For the average Joe/Jane, when you think about skateboarding, you think about it as an extreme sports perhaps first and foremost. You may also be aware of its mainstream impact on today’s cultural facets like fashion, music and art. You’ll have brands like Supreme, Fucking Awesome, HUF, (the list and spectrum goes on) are shaping the aesthetics, ideas and mindset of the California-bred sport, and the names Jason Dill, Dennis Busenitz, Na-Kel Smith, Blondey McCoy even some of the old dogs like Mark Gonzales, Tony Alva and Chad Muska are still pushing the boundaries when it comes to skate products, projects and pro retirement life.

“When you’re a skateboarder and you meet other skaters you’re not just a random tourist anymore.”

One aspect of skateboarding—an important one at that—that tends to not be focused on so much, and perhaps even taken for granted for those that skate or die, is the sports ability at promoting creativity. Be it skate park, the streets or vert, the requirement to perpetually push your limits in ways that are unique is a mental exercise that only those true to the sport fully understand. This creative practice is also what offers many an escapism from particular hardships in life, seen more in places that have real hardships, no that first-world bullshit. Skate documenter/photographer Kevin Métallier is someone that doesn’t take the aforementioned for granted, and has thus travelled the world—spanning 80 different countries—in an attempt to understand this camaraderie, community resilience and creativity found through the means of skateboarding.


“The main message is to show that with skateboarding you never know what will happen or where those four wheels will take you.” Métallier tells Huck Magazine in an interview about his world-scoping project. With little but his passport, a skateboard and bare essentials, the young photographer has hit up far off lands such as Iran, Myanmar and Namibia to name but a few. And while 80 is a formidable number of countries to visit in a lifetime, it looks like Métallier hasn’t finished quite yet. Check out a selection of some of his shots taken through this epic adventure throughout, and be sure to follow the dude to keep updated with where he’s off to next.