For any Dragon Ball Z fans out there, we have no doubt that at one point–or perhaps still–you’ve imitated doing your own “Kamehameha.” For those unfamiliar with the widely popular anime series, a “Kamehameha,” or “Turtle Devastation Wave,” is an energy attack move, often used to finishing an opponent. But back to those that are now reminiscing, or perhaps have even stood up as is embarrassing themselves right now with the signature attack cry, arms raised in front of them with palms linked at the wrist, awkwardly attempting a feat that doesn’t exist in reality… So with that we say fuck reality, let’s go virtual.


And that’s exactly where you’ll be able to blast the shit out of Cell, Cooler, or early Piccolo (Dragon Ball Z villains), all thanks to Japanese toy maker Mega House. In collaboration with Capsule Corporation who constructed the head set, Mega House offers a VR game which immerses you into the Dragon Ball world, by way of a mobile app. Check out the video in the jump above (unfortunately without subtitles, but you’ll get the gist) that show’s just how awesome this piece of tech will be for any avid DBZ fan. Officially dubbed officially dubbed BotsNew Characters VR Dragon Ball Z, the VR headset bundle is set to hit stores in Japan come June, and will retail for approximately $110 USD.